Beneath the Peel

“We do business with people, not companies.” – Project Manager, CB Richard Ellis

That’s a telling statement coming from a company with as large of a footprint as CBRE, but doesn’t it echo our own sentiments?  At the end of the day, most of us like to do business with people who share our priorities, people we like, that have our best interests at heart.

Of course skill is important, without it we never qualify a company to be considered, but when we really drill down into why we choose the people to do business with that we do, it comes down to something more.  Typically that something more is the value the company brings to the table, with value being the combination of price, product and service.

Service as a mantra is overused and as a practice is underperformed.  So how do you determine whether a company truly provides the service it claims to?  Ask its customers, search the web, and look at its people.